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How does Reverse Osmosis work?
Pressure is applied to saline water to force the pure water molecules through a semi-permeable membrane. The majority of dissolved salts, organic, bacteria and suspended solids are unable to physically pass through the membrane and are discharged form the system in the rejected brine. The pure water is then ready for use without further treatment



Industrial or waste water released by the company normally contains high amount of toxins, COD, BOD etc. Such water is required to be treated before it is either reused or released to open areas.

The waste water treatment in the effluent treatment plant will certainly reduce or eliminate the COD, BOD & other toxins from the waste water after being treated in the 1st & 2nd stage of treatment. But still there are chances that the same water is yet not fully fit to re-use or to be released in the open areas therefore the same is further required to be treated in the 3rd stage which is known as tertiary treatment. The tertiary treatment (3rd stage treatment) invites RO system, MEF system, Decanter, Centrifuge, Nano filtration system, Pressure & Carbon filtration system. After tertiary treatment the water is fit to reuse or to be allowed to release in the open areas , treated water can be used for industrial use viz. toilet flushing, gardening, boiler feed & process manufacturing.
Silent Features of Industrial R. O. Plant
  • When water TDS is high, this method is the cheapest and best technology available.
  • Above 95% salt rejection and 99% rejection of Organic substances like bacteria, colloidal particles etc. is achieved.
  • Easy to operate, Easy to install, Reliable performance is assumed to avoid any production loss.
  • Generally Used in Boiler feed, Textile processing, Beverages, Hotels, Cooling tower make up, Power Plant, Food Processing etc.
Domestic RO Plant
Size : (H)445 x (W)360 x (D)310 mm
Fully automatic R. O. unit & 7.5 Ltr. storage capacity
Size : (H)410 x (W)300 x (D)260 mm
Fully automatic R. O. unit & 7.5 Ltr. storage capacity
    R. O. - S6 - A, UF - S4 - M/A
As the name suggest the product is place under the counter.
Ideally for kitchen where space is problem.
10 / 40 Ltr. Pressurize storage tank.
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