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Pollution in pool water comes either from the environment or is carried into the water by the swimmers. Environmental pollution includes dust, leaves, chemical wastes, pollen, spores, and bacteria and so on, that are blown into the water by the wind. Swimmers carry other pollutants into the water: sweat, suntan oils, urine, bacteria, viruses, etc.       Every swimming pool has a circulation pump and filter. The filters most common these days are sand filters, and are much easier to maintain than the earlier diatomaceous filters of a few years back. The pool pump ensures that the swimming pool water moves through the filter every day, thus removing unwanted pollutants and disinfected organic materials as quickly as possible.      Now that the vacuuming is done, it is time to backwash the filter. Sand filters trap dust and dirt, as the name implies, in a bed of sand. When the filter has accumulated a large amount of dirt, the water cannot pass freely through the sand and the filter loses efficiency as the pressure increases. Backwashing sends water backwards through the filter and flushes the trapped dirt out. After backwashing, you will notice an increase in return pressure to the pool, and if you have a pressure gauge, you should notice an increase of at least 0.5 bar
Swimming pool filtration system consists of accessories without which the system is incomplete.
  1. Sand Filter : Pressure sand filter is the nucleus of entire system. The pool water is pumped at a high pressure in to filter; water thus starts trickling through media of different sizes with different layers. The media traps precipitated dist/dirt agglomerates on its surface. In this way the pool water gets filtered. The precipitation of dust particles occurs due to dosing of Alum which is continuously done online before the filter. The filtered pool water comes out of the filter vessel to be immediately chlorine dosed to disinfect it finally getting discharged in to swimming pool pit.
  2. Circulation pump : Circulation pump is as important as filter as it pumps the pool water to develop line pressure to let the water enter the filter with high pressure.
  3. Alum/Chlorine dosing system : Alum dosing is done before the filtration process in the balancing tank. Dosing of Alum creates precipitation of dust/dirt particles, these precipitations get trapped in the filter making water free of dust/dirt particles. Chlorine dosing is continuously done after the water is filtered to disinfect microorganisms which get generated due to swimmers while swimming.
  4. Main Drains : This fixture is fixed on the floor of the pool & mainly used for small pools. MOC ABS material.
  5. Gratings : Gratings are installed on the side water channel all along the pool water surface. When water overflows due to jumping or swimming by the swimmers, the overflowed water is collected in the balancing tank. The gratings are placed for covering the side water channel. MOC ABS material.
  6. Under water lights : The underwater lights are fixed on the side walls & on the floor of the pool just to give an effect of lighting decoration while swimming at late evening.
  7. Return inlets : Pool Water after being filtered is recharged in to pool pit through return inlets, these are fitted on the sidewalls & on the floor of pool pit. MOC ABS material.
  8. SS Ladders : This is required to go down on the floor of pool pit for any kind of inspection when the pool pit is under maintenance or under cleaning. MOC SS316 material.
  9. Suction sweeper head : This device is used to scratch off dust/dirt accumulation on the floor surface of the pool pit when the pit is emptied for cleaning. The scratched sediments thereafter is sucked by the vacuum pump. This device has many attachments like scrubber, spade nylon bristled brush, telescopic handle, leaf rake, leaf skimmer, vacuum hose pipe, etc. MOC ABS material.
Equipment of Swimming Pool System
Circulation Pump
Main Drains
SS Ladders
Top Mount
Side Mount
Under Water Light
Suction Sweeper
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