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This is a special type of filtration process in which the water containing inherent microbes which can harm the body system of human being, if consumed.  As it is known that 80% of the diseases are caused due to water borne microbes.
How the system works ?
Water is disinfected as it flows through the UVWT (Ultra Violet water tube ) .. yet there is no change in colour, odour , PH , temperature & chemical composition. The ultra violet light generated by the mercury vapour arc tube is particularly rich in these microbicidal wavelengths.

UV filter disinfection provides a simple, inexpensive way of destroying bacteria, mold, virus, algae & fungi without the use of heat or chemicals.

Applications :UV Filters are widely used for Municipal & domestic water supply , Hospitals, hotels, Sports Clubs, Food & Beverages production, Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetic production , Disinfection of secondary/Tertiary effluents, production of Sugar tanks,  etc.
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